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1. Personal Profile


Begin with entering your personal profile.

Choose the type of diet you practice (mixed diet, lacto-ovo-vegetarian or vegan).

You can also choose whether or not you would like to lose weight while using the app by checking the “lose Weight” box.

Set the PAL (Physical Activity Level) according to your level of activity during the day. As you choose the level the app provides you with a short definition of its meaning.






2. Entering Activities


Exercise can be entered as an estimate for the whole week or logged step by step as you go throughout the week.

A list of exercise examples can be accessed using the info button next to the respective explanation.









3. Your Target Circle



Your individual target circle is now available.

It aims to provide information and it represents the optimal amount to consume out of each food group.









4. Logging



Choose the first day of the week you would like to log by clicking on the timeframe.

Log your intake for one week.

This can be done either step by step by using the “+” and “-” button or by clicking on the bar and using the wheel at the end of a day or even at the end of the week.






5. The Goal

Even while logging a tendency becomes apparent.

The bar clearly shows the target range.

The HEI-UGB (UGB’s Healthy Eating Index) represents an overall evaluation of the whole week.

If you decided to log your intake step by step, do not get discouraged. The HEI-UGB is being calculated from the sum of the whole week and does not assess or represent a single day.

After one week you now have a good overview. From here you can easily start working on improving your diet by slowly adjusting the amount of portions in the following weeks.


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